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Coming soon! CLEAN WATER! Thank you!!!


We are really excited about our partnership with Ugandan villagers. For years they have had plenty of water in the rainy season. But then they have been drinking polluted water from rivers in the dry season. Cattle and other animals drinking in the river also use the water as a toilet. Then children and adults collect the polluted water for drinking and cooking. This results in serious illness, death and a grim level of child mortality.

Thanks to RSVP supporters we are solving this problem! We are are helping our Ugandan friends construct a water harvesting system. This system collects the pure rainwater in the rainy season and then makes it available to villagers in the dry season.

A massive underground tank has been constructed to harvest 300,000 litres of water in the wet season.


Water tank is 25ft below ground and then some above!

Water tank is 25ft below ground and then some above!

The underground tank was dug 25ft down and now has been added with another 7ft on top with brick work as seen here. The harvesting tank is now 40ft deep. The width of this tank is 7ft.

Underground water tank now ready for the lining.

Underground water tank now ready for the lining.

Then solar power will pump the water to the overhead tank. Clean pure water will then be sold for a  couple of pence for a 5 gallon water can to villagers. This small fund will be used for any maintenance – making the system self-sufficient.

Some of the beneficiaries who have been helping in fetching water for the construction work standing in front of the constructed Tank.

Some of the beneficiaries who have been helping in fetching water for the construction work standing in front of the constructed Tank.

At £2,500 per installation, this is a REALLY efficient way to supply clean water in remote areas of Africa. RSVP hopes to install many of these Harvesting Projects.

If you want to get involved, please give a gift small or large here: Donate to RSVP clean water.


Pastor Tom in Stowmarket


Don Egan, Tom Abungu and Alison Fenning

This morning Don Egan &  Alison Fenning met with our Kenya Partner Pastor Tom Abungu from Connect with a Child Ministries.

We talked about the development of RSVP’s partnership in Kenya, the Child Sponsorship programme and how to make teams more helpful to Tom and his ministry.

Tom also shared about his desire to do more Water Wells with RSVP and his vision of a village hospital.

Pastor Tom will be speaking at Mildenhall Baptist Church this Sunday at 10:30am as the guest of RSVP Trustee Pastor Carl Morehouse.

Plumbing and Healing!

Alison Fenning writes on the difference the RSVP Water Wells are making in Kenya.

Whilst on mission Kenya we had been praying for the sick at healing meetings and noticed they all had the same sickness – very bad coughs and fevers. Upon enquiring what was causing this we learned it was a disease that comes from drinking and cooking in dirty water.

Whilst it is great to pray for God to heal the sick, if there is a way of preventing this horrible life threatening disease, let’s do that too.

As a result of our supporters’ generosity, RSVP has been able to provide 4 wells for the villages. This has helped communities begin to have hope again and believe that God provides all their needs. God uses people to meet the needs of those in poverty.

When the wells were finally installed, one lady asked who was paying for them. When Pastor Tom told her it was people in the UK, the lady began to weep. “Those people have everything and are so far away. Why would they think of people like us?” She was deeply moved by RSVP partner’s generosity.

Another man asked why people far away were doing this for them. Pastor Tom told him it was a group of Christians in the UK who believe we should love one another. When he heard that, he knelt down in front of Pastor Tom and said, “Then I want to become a Christian too!”

The wells also prevent rape. It’s often young girls who were sent to get water from a secluded area by the river. Men would wait in the bushes and attack young girls getting water. But when the water source is in the centre of the village this does not happen.

These few stories show the huge impact of having clean water available to the villagers.

Thank you once again RSVP partners!