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Coming soon! CLEAN WATER! Thank you!!!


We are really excited about our partnership with Ugandan villagers. For years they have had plenty of water in the rainy season. But then they have been drinking polluted water from rivers in the dry season. Cattle and other animals drinking in the river also use the water as a toilet. Then children and adults collect the polluted water for drinking and cooking. This results in serious illness, death and a grim level of child mortality.

Thanks to RSVP supporters we are solving this problem! We are are helping our Ugandan friends construct a water harvesting system. This system collects the pure rainwater in the rainy season and then makes it available to villagers in the dry season.

A massive underground tank has been constructed to harvest 300,000 litres of water in the wet season.


Water tank is 25ft below ground and then some above!

Water tank is 25ft below ground and then some above!

The underground tank was dug 25ft down and now has been added with another 7ft on top with brick work as seen here. The harvesting tank is now 40ft deep. The width of this tank is 7ft.

Underground water tank now ready for the lining.

Underground water tank now ready for the lining.

Then solar power will pump the water to the overhead tank. Clean pure water will then be sold for a  couple of pence for a 5 gallon water can to villagers. This small fund will be used for any maintenance – making the system self-sufficient.

Some of the beneficiaries who have been helping in fetching water for the construction work standing in front of the constructed Tank.

Some of the beneficiaries who have been helping in fetching water for the construction work standing in front of the constructed Tank.

At £2,500 per installation, this is a REALLY efficient way to supply clean water in remote areas of Africa. RSVP hopes to install many of these Harvesting Projects.

If you want to get involved, please give a gift small or large here: Donate to RSVP clean water.


Terms and conditions do not apply

Some years ago in Uganda we went to a village on Mount Elgon. I was preaching about Jesus and his power to heal. One thing that made me sad was finding people whose children were malnourished because their parents were poor. But then we discovered, when the children were sick, parents would spend what little money they had on Juju – bits of bone or pebbles sold by the local witchdoctor.

They paid for these worthless things because they believed they had some sort of mysterious power to heal.

I sometimes cringe when I watch Christian TV because there are some who are peddling a Western form of Juju. In order to get healed I’m urged to go to the phone ‘right now’ and pledge $1,000 to get my miracle by Monday. Others urge me to phone in to get the magic handkerchief, magic water or some other bit of nonsense.

In John’s gospel, chapter 5, we read of a man who had been crippled for 38 years. He had been fed the line that when the angel stirs the water, the first person in gets healed. Being crippled, obviously he never made it into the water first. And so he was trapped into thinking this was they only way he’d get healed. He remained sick for 38 years.

Jesus meets him and asks him if he wants to get well.

The sick man answered Him, “Sir, I have no man to put me into the pool when the water is stirred up; but while I am coming, another steps down before me.” Jesus said to him, “Rise, take up your bed and walk.” – John 5:7-8

Jesus does not use Juju, does not ask for $1,000 and does not give him magic water or any other nonsense. With a word of authority he heals the man.

In most cases of healing in the gospels, people approach Jesus and he commends them for their faith. But this man didn’t approach Jesus and didn’t seem to have faith except in the angel and the water.

There is a freedom in the mercy and miracles of Jesus that is very pure.

When we begin to hear ourselves saying, ‘You need to do this or that before Jesus can heal you’ I think we’ve got off track.

Terms and conditions do not apply. Jesus freely gives.

No one who got healed in the Bible was right with God or met other requirements. If there is any requirement, it can only be our lostness and helplessness that could possible qualify us for a miracle. He comes to seek and to save the lost, the least and the last.

When we send a $1,000 and stand on one leg with our magic handkerchief on our head, we are making it all about us.

But miracles are all about him and he doesn’t use Juju.

Uganda Medical Container Update

Derek Ames at the container loading in Ipswich

Thanks to all those of you who donated to the Uganda Medical Container. The container was loaded last week and has now been shipped!

Former RSVP Trustee, Derek Ames who as been organising all this from the beginning, was at the loading of the container in Ipswich.

We are grateful for the partnership between RSVP, Aid To Hospitals Worldwide and Tools With A Mission for making this life-saving shipment possible.

Most of the costs have been met and we calculate only a final £300 is required.

This equipment will really help establish the clinic in Mbale Uganda overseen by our friend Rev Charles Mellor.

Background to this project here.



– Deposit                                  £120.00

– Delivery within UK            £108.00

– Service Charge                    £693-90


                                                 = £921.90

TWAM Shipping cost      £2,400.00


Total raised                         £3,230.50

Total Payments                 £3,321.90

Balance                                (-£91-40)

+ transport (and possible tax) in Uganda (-£200.00+?)

Uganda Medical Container 2012

Back in 1998 an RSVP team travelled to Uganda on a mission trip to a small community near Mt Elgon.

Don Egan, Adam Waller and Derek Ames (then a Trustee) spent 10 days with villagers preaching and teaching everyday.

Derek Ames had been our contact to this community and, after we returned home, Derek kept in touch with a clergyman in Mbale Uganda, who was looking after retired clergy and working on setting up a clinic for the poor in his area.

For the last 2 years Derek has been working on arrangements to ship reconditioned medical equipment from the UK to Mbale Uganda for the clinic project.

RSVP is helping with this project by raising the shipping and associated costs of about £5,000.

Over £2,000 has be raised so far.

We hope to ship the container late June 2012.


Derek writes…

When I was in Uganda over 12 years ago I met an Anglican clergyman, Rev Charles Mella, who lived in Mbale and went on to set up a rudimentary health centre. He named this after his wife, Grace, when she died very suddenly in the night a few years later. The health centre has little financial income, so it is unable to obtain medicines. I have managed to send small sums of money and put Charles in touch with Christian suppliers, so he can obtain basic medicines.

More recently the health centre has been upgraded to a clinic, which is a great accolade, but there is a greater shortage of materials and now basic equipment, as more people come to the clinic hoping for treatment.

Charles and I have been put in touch with a Christian charity, Aid for Hospitals Worldwide, which supplies equipment to hospitals in the developing world free of charge. Charles has a list of 25 items, such as beds, laboratory apparatus and wheelchairs, which he will hopefully receive. Although the equipment is free, there are a number of costs to be met:

  • Check, service and pack the equipment in a container.
  • Transport in 20ft shipping container under the auspices of Tools with a Mission (TWAM).
  • Transport from the ship to the clinic in Mbale, plus any possible Revenue and Customs taxes.

The estimated cost of the above is £5,000. We will be very grateful for any donation you are able to make.

Derek Ames


Donation details here