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Flash FM

Alison Fenning shares a story from her recent trip to  Rwanda…

A few times in my life I have had the opportunity to speak on the radio, mainly in the UK.

However the experience I had in Rwanda was like nothing before!

To start with it was a 4.30am start I was not convinced anyone would be up and listening. then the challenge of it being a live recording which is slightly unhelpful when the electricity goes out – you can no longer see your notes.

The Pastor wanted me to preach the gospel – a very unique challenge as you have no audience to connect with, they remain unseen. I spoke on the power of Jesus to reconcile.  After the show we were making our way to speak at a church service when the Pastor’s phone began to ring. At this point he handed it me, saying people are now calling having listened to the show. Many had more questions and some rang to say they had prayed the prayer I said over the radio. They wanted to say thank you!

I remember how moved I was as I sat in the church, reflecting on the events of that day so far. We never know what God will use to draw people to himself plus the fact that Heather and I loved going, we had a lot of fun doing it.

Why I use Twitter

Today I want to share why I use twitter and what I hope happens when I do.

“Like a swallow, like a crane, so I twitter…” Isaiah 38:14 NAS

Over the last few years, the mirco-blogging site Twitter has grown to have an estimated 32+ million users. People are searching and reading the constant posts all the time. So it is a little bit crowded. But if you have good news to share, it is a good place to be.

If you haven’t tried it, you may not ‘get it’. But here’s how I use it.

I start most days by reading a bit of the Bible. I’ve done that on and off for more than 30 years. I used to do it out of duty, but now I see the Bible as a love letter from God and I read it to hear from Him.

As I read, a few words, or part of a sentence, may strike me in a fresh way. I read my Bible on my phone these days, so it’s easy to select and copy the words. I then paste that little thought for the day onto Twitter (and Facebook) and sometimes people comment on it or ‘Like” it or ReTweet it. Whatever. A little bit of God’s word is then travelling in cyberspace doing who knows what – provoking thought, conversation, action?

The second way I use it is to  say ‘Thank you’. Every month I have a trip to my local bank to authorise thousands of pounds to be transferred to our partners in Africa – Rwanda and Kenya. This money, is not my money, it’s the generous donations from lots of people, working together. They give to make a difference. So I Facebook and Tweet the amounts we sent to destroy poverty. And say a big thankyou.

Thirdly, there are some interesting people on Twitter. Some of them are personal friends I have met and others are people I admire. Twitter provides an RT button so I can ReTweet someone elses tweet to my followers.

Lastly, I follow some people who are experts in developing organisations, internet use and make things simpler while reaching more people. They put a link to a web page or article and this helps me develop RSVP or starts a train of thought and research for a new idea or book.

I also use a website called – this site scans all my Twitter activity – even the many Tweets I don’t have time to read – and creates a Daily online Newspaper and then Tweets a link to it. I usually click this  when it arrives about 8am to see a digest of the information on my Twitter feed. I also make this online newspaper available to others with a Tweet that says “The Don Egan Daily is out!’ and then has a link so people can read the articles.

Whatever we think about Twitter, we cannot deny its place in modern life, even being a tool to topple and expose unjust governments.

If you are on Twitter, or are thinking of starting, here’s a few randomly selected people worth following:

Don Egan @FreerangeDiscpl  (me)

Bill Johnson @billjohnsonBJM

Kimberly Jones @RealTalkKim

Emma Greenwood @emmajgreenwood

Tony Campolo @TonyCampolo

Alison Fenning @alisonfenning

Paul McGee @TheSumoGuy

Milton Jones @themiltonjones

J.John @Canonjjohn

If you have a Twitter account, how do you use yours?