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RSVP Mission of Hope

Setting off to Rwanda

Setting off to Rwanda

This afternoon I drove my work colleague, Alison Fenning, and her husband and RSVP Trustee, Richard, to Heathrow. They are now in the air, enroute to Rwanda, for RSVP’s Mission of Hope.

RSVP’s Mission of Hope will include speaking to a gathering of women involved in prostitution, providing food and bedding for the poor in Bugesera, community outreach, food and bedding for the poor in Kayonza, speaking on National Radio, speaking in churches, lecturing in Bible School, leadership seminars, visiting in the slums of Kigali.

Many thanks to all RSVP Partners who have donated finance to make this trip possible. Thanks to those of you who, I know, will pray for Alison and Richard every day through this mission. Please pray for good health, especially for Alison who suffered a serious health attack on an Africa Mission last year.

RSVP has been working in Rwanda since 1997, when I first visited the country with my Rwandan friend, Charles Mugisha.

The story of those early days is told in the book Beautiful on the Mountains (available from RSVP). Since then we have helped build a school, built an orphanage which we continue to support every month, helped educate hundreds of children, feed street children and support vulnerable women. We have supplied tons and tons of food to the hungry, provided matresses and bedding to widows and the elderly. We have helped women out of prostitution and start small businesses.

I had hoped to join Alison and Richard on this trip but funds have not been sufficient. So I did my small part and drove them to the airport. We greatly value all who support our work in transforming lives in Africa.

We still need to meet the full costs of the mission and it’s not too late to make a donation, however small, to help us meet urgent needs.

Thanks for your partnership and support.




Can you help us look after orphans?

RSVP’s House of Mercy orphanage in Rwanda has been looking after 16 orphaned children for many years.

The orphanage costs RSVP about £900 every month. Most of this cost is covered by some very kind and generous sponsors who cover the entire costs of most of the children.

But we have a couple of children whose costs are not sponsored. This shortfall costs RSVP £210 every month.

That’s a tall order. But I wonder if there are any of our supporters who would just like to help us with a one off gift, or a small monthly donation.

Any amount will really help us keep these children housed, fed, clothed and schooled.

You can make a one off donation here.

If you’d like to take out a monthly support of any amount, download the Partnership Form here.

Thank you!

House of Mercy

Thank you to all those who helped us build the orphanage in Rwanda and who continue to support it every month.

The House of Mercy is transforming the lives of 16 children for whom it has become ‘home’.

The short video about shows how it came about…


Orphans into families…

Alison Fenning feeding street children in Nairobi’s slums

Three years ago, RSVP’s Kenya partner, Tom Abungo, based in Nairobi, took us to see a piece of land where he had a vision to build a Church and have a centre of education for street children they were reaching out too.

Two weeks ago I stood in the Church and the education centre that now exists on that land. It is a still a work in progress. The 190 street children have now been placed in families, so they have a home, get daily food, and are educated. Some are sponsored whilst others are still waiting for a sponsor.

This project is amazing and very unique, as it not only helps street children gain a future but also helps the local community make a difference to their own people by having a child join their family.

Thank you all our RSVP partners who support Tom and sponsor children in his care – you are transforming lives.

£80,000+ sent to Africa!

Our amazing RSVP partners and supporters have done it again! We are just working on our 2011 end of year accounts. One figure I always like to see is how much, in total, we sent to Africa for poverty relief.

Well today the figure was calculated and turns out to be a staggering £80,392. That is wonderful! So what did that money do?

It paid for Child Sponsorship for around 300 children – providing a daily meal, schooling, uniform, shoes and medical care. It looked after, fed, educated and clothed 16 children in our House of Mercy orphanage. It bought Gifts of Hope for people in urgent need.

It supported our partners Tom and Anna in Kenya as they minister in the slums of Nairobi.

It helped support the women in the Family Centre in Rwanda and fed hundreds of street children.

It also installed several water wells in Kenya providing clean water for poor communities.

In the current climate, I think this is fantastic. It is an honour to be part of the work of RSVP Trust, as it touches and transforms lives across the world.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed so generously to this life-changing work.

The Bank Job…

Thank you RSVP partners! I’ve just been down to the bank to transfer £3,866 to Rwanda and £752 to Kenya. This will educate and feed children in Kenya and Rwanda, upkeep the orphanage in Rwanda, and help destroy poverty. RSVP partners are amazing people who make this possible.

While I was at the bank the cashier lady asked me how we do fund-raising. I told her we don’t do fund-raising. She asked how we got the donations in then. I told her we do friend-raising – that we make friends and share what we do and then people give or pray or tell others or all three things.

She still wasn’t sure so I told her, after leaving the bank, I was going to post what I’d done at the bank on Facebook so people knew what we were doing.

“Right. So you have a Facebook page then? Are there pictures?” she asked.

“Yes” I said.

“Well I’ll have a look at that later.” she said.

Cool. That could be another friend raised right there! That’s really all we do in terms of fund raising. No events to organise. And we meet lots of really great people on the way. And we get to have a hand in destroying poverty across the world. Wonderful!