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Pastor Tom in Stowmarket


Don Egan, Tom Abungu and Alison Fenning

This morning Don Egan &  Alison Fenning met with our Kenya Partner Pastor Tom Abungu from Connect with a Child Ministries.

We talked about the development of RSVP’s partnership in Kenya, the Child Sponsorship programme and how to make teams more helpful to Tom and his ministry.

Tom also shared about his desire to do more Water Wells with RSVP and his vision of a village hospital.

Pastor Tom will be speaking at Mildenhall Baptist Church this Sunday at 10:30am as the guest of RSVP Trustee Pastor Carl Morehouse.


Kenya seminar

Michelle speaking at the seminar in Nairobi

Michelle Smith was part of the RSVP Team that travelled to Nairobi recently. These are some comments on how her ministry impacted the people attending the School of Ministry.

Whilst being part if the team I was able to lead a seminar dealing with The Conflict between Men and Women.

The challenge in Africa and actually all around the world is for people in ministry to have healthy home lives first before ministry. Within every culture we have strayed from the Kingdom of God principles and there is a desperate need to have an open discussion and teaching on communication with each other, as Jesus modeled when he walked the earth.

There are 42 tribes in Kenya, each with their own customs, so this raised some questions and we shared openly and discussed where tribal custom ends and kingdom custom begins.

Those who came loved it and there was laughter as we talked about the challenges of modern inventions like TV and mobile phones being either a useful tool or hindrance to our communication.

Thousands gather to hear about Jesus

Alison Fenning telling people about the love of Jesus

Alison Fenning reports on her recent trip to Nairobi’s slum district

People in Africa love to come and dance and sing to their favourite bands that they hear on the radio or see on the TV. Whilst in Kenya we were able to use this as an opportunity to speak about Jesus and giving people a chance to respond to the God who loves them.

Alison was able to preach and lead people to Christ. Over the two nights the team have estimated that 500 people responded, wanting to either acknowledge Jesus as Lord for the first time or come back into personal living relationship with God.

The benefit of this type of outreach is that we not only give people the chance to hear the gospel but also we bless an area by providing a concert for two nights. This often lifts the community, people have fun and enjoy their favourite bands and the Church has an opportunity to build bridges with local people.

Thousands gather to hear good news


Orphans into families…

Alison Fenning feeding street children in Nairobi’s slums

Three years ago, RSVP’s Kenya partner, Tom Abungo, based in Nairobi, took us to see a piece of land where he had a vision to build a Church and have a centre of education for street children they were reaching out too.

Two weeks ago I stood in the Church and the education centre that now exists on that land. It is a still a work in progress. The 190 street children have now been placed in families, so they have a home, get daily food, and are educated. Some are sponsored whilst others are still waiting for a sponsor.

This project is amazing and very unique, as it not only helps street children gain a future but also helps the local community make a difference to their own people by having a child join their family.

Thank you all our RSVP partners who support Tom and sponsor children in his care – you are transforming lives.

RSVP Kenya Mission

28 June – 2nd July 2012

Alison Fenning will be travelling to Nairobi to visit our partners Tom and Anna Abungo, of Kings Connection Ministries in Kenya.

On this trip, Alison will be accompanied by Michelle Smith. They will run a two day “Breakthough” ministry school for leaders in Kibera slum, visit the RSVP child sponsor program and Alison will also be preaching in various locations.

We would really value your prayers for this trip, for health, safety and protection and for all the costs to be met.

(If you would like to help us with this trip you can donate here.)

£80,000+ sent to Africa!

Our amazing RSVP partners and supporters have done it again! We are just working on our 2011 end of year accounts. One figure I always like to see is how much, in total, we sent to Africa for poverty relief.

Well today the figure was calculated and turns out to be a staggering £80,392. That is wonderful! So what did that money do?

It paid for Child Sponsorship for around 300 children – providing a daily meal, schooling, uniform, shoes and medical care. It looked after, fed, educated and clothed 16 children in our House of Mercy orphanage. It bought Gifts of Hope for people in urgent need.

It supported our partners Tom and Anna in Kenya as they minister in the slums of Nairobi.

It helped support the women in the Family Centre in Rwanda and fed hundreds of street children.

It also installed several water wells in Kenya providing clean water for poor communities.

In the current climate, I think this is fantastic. It is an honour to be part of the work of RSVP Trust, as it touches and transforms lives across the world.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed so generously to this life-changing work.

Yay! Our first mattress!

Richard and I visited this lady at her tiny little house in a village in Kenya. She lives here with 4 children and life is hard. The children were at school when we visited, but the lady showed us that they just sleep together on the floor of this house.

We had a Gift of Hope mattress with us so we gave it to her with some other gifts of food etc. She said thank you.

Just before we left the village that day, four children caught up with us and were very excited. We wondered what was happening. Then the children explained, they were the children of the lady we gave the mattress to.

“We had to find you and thank you so much! We’ve never had a mattress before! We’re really excited by your gift. Thank you! Thank you!”

Isn’t it quite moving the way a small gift, of something we all take for granted, is so appreciated by some people? Those thankful children made me realise how we take things for granted and how often we fail to appreciate what we have ourselves.

Alison Fenning